June 24, 2015

Expired Film Holga

I stopped by a camera store when visiting Tanzania a couple of years ago and talked with the owner about my Holga. He showed me his stock of film we came across a couple of rolls of expired film. I've tried to buy expired film from eBay, but have always been outbid. However, the owner wouldn't let me buy any and instead gave it to me for free. The one showcased here is a Kodak ProFoto 100 that expired in 05/2001. (FYI - When that film expired i had just become legally able to buy a drink).

So yeah it's really expired.

Flash forward to a year and a half later and I finally felt like I was ready to put the film to work. I mean cause if you have film that is 12 years old what's the harm in waiting till it's 13? 

And because it takes me apparently forever to do anything, I kept the film in my camera for 4 months. And took photos in two states. And then waited 3 months to get developed. 

Do you guys see a trend? I'm trying to overcome my film laziness. It, like my life, is a work in progress.

I do love these photos. The ones that showcase snow were taken at Sugarbowl Resort in Lake Tahoe. The other ones were taken on the Illinois River Bluff trail. The texture from the light and grain make them both awesome and creepy. 

What are you guys up to?

June 10, 2015

A Rose By Any Other Name

I took my Ansco Pix Panorama (aka my new favorite camera) out the other day to the Sacramento McKinley Park Rose Garden. This is one of my fave places to go in Sacramento. Sacramento's hottest park has everything: a library, a pond, ducks, roses, a Teddy Ruxpin wearing mascara (I heart you Stefon), and free yoga on Saturdays.

I have a lot of fun trips planned over the next couple of months and have been stockpiling 35mm film to use. I can't wait to see the results.

PS - I took these photos like a month ago and let me tell you that the grass is no longer close to being that green. #droughttalk

What have you been up to? Taking photos anywhere?

April 20, 2015

Book Them Pano*

The most important this to remember when you have a blog that you haven't updated in like a year is your password. But once you remember that, you're on your way.

For my birthday last year my bestie, Cryson, gave me Ansco Pix Panorama camera. It's a fixed focus plastic 35mm panoramic camera. I headed up to Tahoe around Thanksgiving last year and took it with me and got my pictures developed last month.

In case you needed to see the timeline broken down:
May - Receive Camera
November (6 months later) - Take photos with Camera
March - Finally (10 months later) Develop photos

So not only did it take me forever to try out my new camera. It also took me forever to develop photos I took. I'm like the laziest procrastinator you ever did see. Also feel this might point to why the blog hasn't been updated in forever.

However after getting these photos back, I'm so in love with them that I cannot wait to take it out on future outings. Not only that I have framed two of the photos. That's right I managed to buy frames. Now I haven't exactly hung up the frames but I can't wait for 10 months when I finally put them on my walls.

But enough about me and my procrastination ability. How are you? What have you been up to?

*PS - I honestly don't even know the "Book Them Dano" reference first hand, but have just heard of it throughout life. One would think that this means I should find a title more current or at least something that I was familiar with. But whatever. I don't have to follow your rules.

July 7, 2014

Monday Mix - Jackpot

Today I put my iPod on shuffle. When the first song landed on Billie Holiday, I knew I was in for an interesting mix. I thought I'd write about, because well I'm not writing anything else around here lately. I might as well see if this blog thing still works. 

So here is my Jackpot Monday Mix. See I named the mix Jackpot because two of the songs that came up had 'Gold' in the title and the date was 7/7/14. I think it's a sign that I need to get myself to a casino and play the slots. Even thought I have the worst luck at casinos (I did just last month get told by security to stop singing so loud at one of California's premier gaming facilities. Fact 1 - I was sober. Fact 2 - If you don't want people singing then don't have a band playing on the floor of your casino...but I digress), but I have a feeling that will all change now. Enjoy what can only be considered the luckiest Monday Mix ever:

1) Billie Holiday - God Bless the Child
I think I might have bought this song when I was making a mix of songs form my grandma. Usually I would zip right past it, but after hearing Audra McDonald perform as Billie at the Tony Awards, I found myself lingering and enjoying. 

2) Pearl Jam - Last Exit
The first of two Pearl Jam songs on the mix. And surprisingly enough both from Vitalogy. I didn't really listen to this song very much, but after I saw PJ20, I fell more in love with it.

3) Once - A New Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording) - Gold (A Cappella) - My obsession with Once is well documented. I just saw the musical theatre performance again when it came to San Francisco. It was just as beautiful as I remember. And yes, I may have cried again. Cause that's what I do. 

4) Pearl Jam - Bugs
The one with the accordion. The one that I probably will never see performed live unless I make it to one of the Halloween shows. The one that I had on in the car and my friend was like "What are you making me listen to?".

5) Ron Sexsmith - Gold in Them Hills
I love this song when I heard it in the movie "About Time". I'm such a sucker for Rachel McAdams romcoms. And apparently I'm also a sucker for the music in them.

6) Florence + The Machine - Kiss with a Fist
The first Florence song that I recall ever hearing. It was the gateway song to my Florence + The Machine obsession.

7) Grouplove - Naked Kids
I don't remember ever listening to this song before. The only Grouplove song that I knew was "Ways to Go". I'm on the fence about "Naked Kids" but I saved it from the recycle bin for later evaluation.

8) OneRepublic - Feel Again
Before you yell at me, I know. I FREAKING KNOW. If this song was played on the radio any more frequently it would have its own morning zoo. But this was an impulse purchase back when the song was newly released and hearing it wouldn't make me want to punish my ear drums. 

9) Zola Jesus - Vessel
I have literally no idea how this song made it into my collection (not only that on further searching of my iTunes I apparently have additional songs by Zola. What else is lurking in the depths of my hard drive?) I made it through listening (because for about 1/2 the song I thought it sounded similar in a weird way to the "House" theme). Just not really my thing. So long Zola, I barely knew ya.

10) The Shins - So Now What
One of my most recent and favorite purchases. It's from Zach Braff's upcoming Kickstarter film "Wish I Was Here" and I love it so so much. Braff's "Garden State" first introduced me to The Shins, so I'm glad that his most recent include this gem. 

(Final note: The pen (totally stolen) is from Dust Bowl Brewing Co in Turlock, CA. A delightful establishment that I visit every time I'm in Turlock (which is more than you would think). If you happen to go, make sure you get the 50/50 sliders which are 50% hamburger and 50% bacon. They will Change. Your. Life. The beer is also very, very good.)

So that was what I listened to today. How about you? What are you listening to lately? Do you love or hate any of these songs? 

March 1, 2014

My Weekly Trifecta Vol. 2

Did anyone else have a cray February? It doesn't seem like I accomplished anything. However, I have lots of lofty goals in March along with some travel, parties, and Veronica Mars. Here's hoping I can get 1/2 of what I would like to accomplished.

My Three Favorite Things of the Week:

1. U Talkin' U2 to Me

I saw U2 perform live once in Chicago. We were in the possible worst seats ever: behind the stage in the upper rafters of the United Center (basically right below the flag of the retired Chicago Bulls players). Now the seat situation created added pressure for the show to overcome. And it was nothing short of amazing. I've never been so far away from a concert stage but yet felt so close (as corny as that sounds). I may have gotten dust in my eye when they played my fave (and little known gem), Ground Beneath Her Feet.

(On a another note. I can't be sure that it was at the U2 concert or not, but one night when leaving the United Center after a concert, my friend and I forgot where we parked. Like completely and utterly lost my car. We had a three hour drive ahead of us and were walking aimlessly trying to figure out where the car might be. We eventually talked one of the parking attendants into driving us around to find our car over an hour and a half later. It's a perfect small town farm kids go to the big city. If it weren't for the fact that..........I did the same exact thing and lost my car twice last year. So I can't blame the first incident on my youth or not having smart phones with apps and GPS pins. This seems to be a symptom of a larger problem.)

OK, I've gotten completely off topic here. U Talkin' U2 to Me features actor, Adam Scott, and Comedy Bang Bang host, Scott Aukerman, talkin' about U2 (among other things). I mean it was probably a no brainer that I would like this show. I like podcasts. I like U2. I like Scott Aukerman. I like Adam Scott. But I would think that even if I didn't, that I would like this show anyways.

2. Pearl Jam Oakland Bootleg 11/26/2013

This is another given. Again I'm a little biased both by my love of Pearl Jam, and the fact that I attended this very concert. But they just released 2013 Oakland bootleg is 3 Hours and 16 minutes, 3 disk set of awesomeness. The fact that I also got to hear one of my perennial fave Pearl Jam songs (and depending on when you talk to me, my favorite of all time), Smile, was the icing on the cake. (Now you might be like how does your favorite Pearl Jam song change? Like my fave PJ song right now is Of the Girl. I also have been known to rank Footsteps at the top. It really does vary between 5-8 songs depending on my mood, if Mercury is in Retrograde, etc.)

3. See America Project

I am absolutely obsessed with the amazing artist designed prints and images showcasing America's national parks. And I'm absolutely bummed that there was a See America Project exhibit in San Francisco in January that I missed! I seriously have been going through the different states and obsessing over all the gorgeousness. I'm hoping that they put together like a postcard set for all my letter writing needs. And this is yet another reminder, that I have a lot of national parks to visit. I mean I've never been to the Rosie the Riveter national park. And it's like an hour away.

My big goal in March is I want to do one of the photo a day projects. However, I'm planning on attempting to do a photo a day with both my analogue 35mm Olympus Trip 35 and my digital iPhone of the same subject. I think it will be fun to compare. Plus I have several parties, trips, and cups of coffee in my future for March. All perfect times to try it out. We'll see if I'm able to remember to take one each day, but I'm looking forward to trying.

What are you obsessed with? Anyone else love the See America project? What are your favorites (Utah's designs are enough to make me want to book a flight to Salt Lake at this very minute). Any big plans for March? Anyone else getting excited for the new Veronica Mars movie? Thanks for stopping by.

February 2, 2014

My Weekly Trifecta Vol 1

Happy Groundhog Day. Or Superbowl Day. Or Sherlock Season 3 Finale Day. Or whatever day you choose to celebrate. I, as always, choose Sherlock. I've been watching/reading/listening to a
lot of great stuff lately and thought I would share my favorite things of the past week:

1. Rainbow Rowell - OK, technically my obsession started when I read Eleanor & Park in 2 days in early January. I have since managed to read Fangirl and finished Attachments yesterday. Now I will have to wait for new books to be released. It's torture you guys. I love her books because they are wickedly funny, like "I'm-laying-on-my-couch-and-just-cackled-even-though-no-one-is-home-funny". Her characters are flawed and real and I just love them all so much. Extra shout out for all the curly haired characters!

2. Ann & Chris's Goodbye on Parks and Rec - I'm kind of bitter that Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones are leaving Parks and Recreation. I mean Rob Lowe keeps breaking my heart by leaving every series that he joins. The breakup of Ann and Leslie may have made me teary-eyed, even though it contained one of the best scrapbooks ever. A Kelly Clarkson scrapbook. I mean is Leslie is looking for a new best friend who also loves Kelly Clarkson.....

3. Nerdist Podcast - Work It Out - This episode had two of the hosts, Chris and Jonah, record and work through a fight that they were recently having. Like civilized adults. Like fighting right without name calling and using 'I feel' before declarative sentences. Now when I fight with my friends I tend to just ignore the problem until it magically gets resolved (and by magically gets resolved I mean nothing changes, but it is just ignored. Like the passive aggressive girl I am). It was so fascinating to listen to people work through their problems.

Other than that everything is good here. I helped throw one of my friend's a baby shower this weekend. I was on favor patrol and decided on doing treat bags with macarons. (Here's a pro tip. And I think I can officially consider myself a pro after throwing 5 baby showers Do edible favors. People tend not to "accidentally" leave them behind and you get to do taste tests in the weeks leading up to the shower for "research". That is how I earned the frequent shopper discount at my local macaron bakery).

Is anyone exhausted with keeping up with the 'it' dessert? Don't get me wrong. I will eat each and everyone of them, but first it was cupcakes, then cake pops, then macarons. And I'm pretty sure I'm about two deserts behind the latest craze. I've heard good things about these cronuts, but that's frankly a while from making it's way to me. What are you obsessed with lately?

PS - Here's a bonus clip of Sherlock mussing up his hair. You're welcome.

January 7, 2014

What Are You Doing 2014

Now that we are 1 week into the New Year, I thought I'd try to write up the things I'm trying to work on this year. Now last year I failed at almost all of my goals (except to read more books), but I have much higher hopes for 2014. Here's some info on some of them:

Read Books I Already Have - This year I want to focus on some of the stacks(!) of the long neglected books I have sitting on my bookshelves (I've made it through 2 books so far in 2014 and both of them have been from the library. Still plenty of time to address the stacks).

Scan Grandma's Photos - My grandma has 100 plus photo albums. I've scanned the photos in one of them, now I just have 99+ to go.

Upgrade - I'm hoping to move this year and upgrade a few pieces of furniture. My television is approximately 11 years old which has caused me to be the source of ridicule among my friends. 

Get Healthy - I'm a bridesmaid in May (For those keeping track at home, that's #7 as a bridesmaid or #11 as a wedding day participant (aka - performing a reading, assistant to the bride, flower girl, and guestbook)). I'm trying to drop a couple of pounds before the big day. My exercise plan is heavy on yoga, zumba, and hiking.

Learn Spanish - I'm heading to Mexico in the spring (#10 visited country) and would like to continue to work on becoming more adept in Spanish.

Travel - In addition to the trip to Mexico, I'm going to be heading to SoCal in May and will probably also be doing a road trip from CA to IL to clean out a long neglected storage unit. It'll be like a treasure hunt, except with things I already own.

Clean and Purge - I cleaned out my freezer today. I had a bottle of vodka in there that I don't remember buying (we drink many things here, but vodka has never been one of them).

Are you making any resolutions this year? What are some of them? Are you doing any of the same goals I am? 


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